Picasa helps kitchen furniture manufacturers increase sales through automation, photorealistic imagery, and a handy kitchen planning tool

What is Picasa?
Picasa is a service for creating kitchen furniture layouts, which does not require manual arrangement of kitchen modules. You can create photorealistic layouts based on a simple questionnaire

Higher sales
Improved online channel
Better customer service
Key benefits
Reduce the time required for the client to plan the kitchen by 5 times
* Visualization example using the Picasa service
Provide a unique service that allows you to stand out from your competitors
Connect the configurator to the website, increasing the share of online buyers
Provide a quick configuration tool without manual editing of kitchen cabinets
Offer highly realistic graphics, increasing the likelihood of a positive client decision
We take into account the technological requirements of kitchen furniture design, reducing the risk of errors
Picasa visualization quality
Higher likelihood of a positive client decision
Standing out from competitors
Opportunity to feel the amount of space
Existing solutions
Picasa solution
Display options
Automated web-based design tool offers value to your website visitors and convert visitors into sales
Evaluate the photorealistic image of the final layout, "feel" the space and make adjustments using the virtual reality technology
The result can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets
What can be configured in Picasa?
Basic elements used in the configuration
Room shape and dimensions
Windows, doors, etc.
Household appliances and other equipment
Room style and finish
Module options
Countertop and splashback
Kitchen cabinet styles
Facade texture
Kitchen cabinet configurations and sizes
Color schemes
Comparing Picasa to other solutions
Automated configuration based on the questionnaire
Using a web browser on PC and mobile devices
The cost is distributed over time. Monthly subscription-based payment for the service that brings you value
Photorealistic graphics
The configurator considers technological requirements, best practices and user experience. As a result, several configuration options are offered
Virtual reality mode allows you to feel the amount of space and try on the kitchen cabinet in the client's room
Other solutions
Manual, time-consuming configuration
Industrial solutions are not web-based
Industrial configurators have a high cost of implementation right from the start
Not realistic, sketchy graphics level
No system of recommendations, technological requirements and assistance in configuring. High risk of errors
What the client sees on the PC screen does not cause empathy and does not "sell" the project to the client
Opportunities for you
Faster and simpler process of configuring kitchen cabinets
Reducing the time required for the client to plan the kitchen by 5 times
Demonstrating photorealistic configurations
Higher conversion to sales with rich graphics
Web-based work on any PC
Converting your website visitors into target audience opt-ins
Pilot implementation cost: TBA
Solution cost with verified KPI
Get the solution quote
Examples of visualizations
Pilot implementation starting from 1 month
Adapting the solution to your configuration. Validation of the solution effectiveness.
Expert advice
Adapting the Picasa solution to your configuration
Implementing the solution on your website and at the points of sale
Measuring KPIs, validating the effectiveness
Payback period from 2 months
Quick payback of the solution through the subscription-based payment model
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